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Global Macro Themes and Asset Views Chartbook, July 2019

In our global macro chartbook for July, we summarise our views on current global themes and asset markets, and link to our research highlights over the last month. This month, we report that we forecast world GDP to grow by 2.7% this year and next, the weakest of the post-crisis period.

We highlight our research on why we believe recession fears are overblown, despite the ongoing slowdown. We ran simulations to explore the impacts of a potential global housing downturn, to find global growth could be cut to a 10-year low of 2.2% by 2020. And we explain why inflationary pressures will be stifled by demographics, but the impact of young voters could re-ignite inflation.

We also go into detail on the global impact of robotics, explore how regions are coping with the trade war differently and utilise our new FX risk tool to find weak points across the Middle East.

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