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Mining in Australia 2018 - December Update

Adjustments have been made to our forecasts based on recent market activity and data released from the ABS. In general, the strength that underpinned prices earlier in 2018 has waned and we have adjusted near and medium term prices accordingly. Commodity prices have weakened sharply over recent months (except thermal coal and gold), with the weaknesses largely due to trade weaker demand from China (with the ongoing trade war with the US an ongoing concern), and strengths stemming from import demand from India.

Prices are expected to remain relatively low over the next two years but are forecast to gradually pick up from early next decade, helping to underwrite the next round of investment. Exploration has become key for miners looking to maintain or increase their market share in the long term. Minerals exploration climbed in September quarter 2018 to a five-year high, and are forecast to remain at elevated levels for the next five years. 

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