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Engineering Construction Australia 2018 - 2033 October Update

​With the full 2018 financial year of data released by the ABS, Engineering Construction in Australia October edition reviews how the year unfolded and a detailed discussion of the year ahead. Work done for FY18 grew by around 22%, driven by the arrival of Prelude's offshore floating platform in Western Australia in the September quarter 2017. Transport related sectors also saw a strong year of activity growth, as State and Federal Budgets target railway and roads investment. Adding to the gains made over the year was a continued boom in renewable electricity generation, as well as a new surge in lithium activity in Western Australia. Telecommunications saw a disappointing quarter, with the peak of NBN work and 5G implementation now assumed to have passed. Our forecasts have taken these developments into account and also included an updated investment schedule for two multi-billion dollar LNG projects in Western Australia.​

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