Excel Dashboard for Global Data Workstation – INDUSTRY

Hot on the heels of the release of Mondrian Dashboards Version 3.0 for Global Macro Economics, we’re releasing similar dashboards for Global Industry (specifically, Global Industry Scenarios)

​Industry Mondrian Dashboards feature:
  • 74 high quality charts in seven dashboards of key industry economic forecast indicators.
  • Cross country dashboards for both annual and quarterly data series.
  • By country dashboards covering all locations and 40 indicators in all measurements.
  • Industry forecast data from Global Data Workstation – Global Industry (Scenarios) Databank.
  • On-demand refresh of data using built-in automation of Excel Data Workstation commands.

The following dashboards are provided:​
  • Annual - Cross country charts of major economies
  • Quarterly - Cross country charts of major economies 
  • Quarterly - Headline sectors by country 
  • Quarterly - Consumer goods by country 
  • Quarterly - Intermediate goods by country 
  • Quarterly - Investment goods by country 
  • Quarterly - Service sectors by country