Excel Dashboard for Global Data Workstation – INDUSTRY

Hot on the heels of the release of Mondrian Dashboards Version 3.0 for Global Macro Economics, we’re releasing similar dashboards for Global Industry (specifically, Global Industry Scenarios).

Industry Mondrian Dashboards feature:

- 74 high quality charts in seven dashboards of key industry economic forecast indicators.
- Cross country dashboards for both annual and quarterly data series.
- By country dashboards covering all locations and 40 indicators in all measurements.
- Industry forecast data from Global Data Workstation – Global Industry (Scenarios) Databank.
- On-demand refresh of data using built-in automation of Excel Data Workstation commands.

The following dashboards are provided:

- Annual - Cross country charts of major economies
- Quarterly - Cross country charts of major economies 
- Quarterly - Headline sectors by country 
- Quarterly - Consumer goods by country 
- Quarterly - Intermediate goods by country 
- Quarterly - Investment goods by country 
- Quarterly - Service sectors by country