Excel Dashboard for Global Model Workstation - Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of high-quality Excel dashboard examples for the Global Model Workstation built using the latest data analytics technology in Excel 2013

Mondrian Dashboards v3.0 has the following features:

- 44 high quality charts in five dashboards of key economic forecast indicators.
- Dashboards available for both annual and quarterly data series.
- Dashboards cover all locations and 36 indicators in all measurements.
- Retrieves forecast data series from either Global Data Workstation or Global Model Workstation.
- On-demand refresh of data using built-in automation of Excel Data Workstation commands.

Mondrian Dashboards v3.0 reproduces all the built-in dashboards of the new Global Model Workstation and Global Data Workstation:

- Forecast/Scenario Overview
- GDP and its components
- Inflation and its determinants
- Trade and balance of payments
- Labour market

[Minor bug fix in this version to prevent error on workbook open.]