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[Webinar] Remote working one year on and implications for Australian office property markets

Online | August 11, 2021

Australian cities are likely to be facing ongoing or snap lockdowns until the end of year until our vaccination targets are met. But what happens after?There’s still a huge amount of discussion and disagreement about how much remote working will be done in future and what the implications are for CBD office space.In this presentation we discuss the future of remote working in Australia and it’s impact on office markets and answering questions such as: What have we learned about actual change? What can lesson’s can be learned from Melbourne’s experience? If there’s a big negative impact, how is prime property likely to fare vs secondary? Some make the argument that prime assets won’t suffer as much – what does history tell us? And what about the impact of supply?

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Asia Pacific cities and regions: consumer spending and office-based employment in 2021 and out to 2035

Online | July 14, 2021

Asia Pacific and many of its cities are doing much to help lead the global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. In this webinar we will look to see what that means for consumer spending and office-based employment in the region and its cities. We will ask how those factors may change in 2021 and out to 2035. Where will the spending be concentrated? And on what? Where will the new office jobs be? Will more of the region’s big cities come to challenge the likes of New York, London and Paris? And are there any cities and regions to watch?

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Tracking the recovery across European cities

Online | May 24, 2021

The impact of the pandemic has been uneven across European city economies and the path to recovery will also vary. In this session, we will explore how cities have fared across the continent and present key themes shaping the outlook.

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Cities in 2021, key themes and outlook

Online | January 13, 2021

After a dismal 2020, cities across the world should see growth bounce back sharply in 2021. But cities may not look and feel like they did pre-Covid. In this webinar we will cover the key themes that will affect the recovery in 2021, and also the issues that will shape the debate over the future of the world’s major cities.

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