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Stagflation et hausse des taux, où sont les bonnes nouvelles?

with Pierre Delage and Daniela Ordonez | Online | June 20, 2023

Alors que la France et la zone euro semblent enlisées dans la stagflation, les Etats-Unis montrent des signes étonnants de résilience face à la Fed, au moins pour le moment. La Chine déconfinée, elle, se montre en apparence contra-cyclique avec de la croissance et une tendance déflationniste. Dans ce contexte, qu’attendre au S2 2023 en termes d’inflation, de politique monétaire et de croissance?

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Global scenarios: Gas rationing and stagflation

with Jamie Thompson and Alex Mackle | Online | September 7, 2022

In recent months the risk that the global economy will slip into recession next year has risen and so has the risk of a protracted period of stagflation. We explore these risks, drawing on key insights from our latest global scenarios. Our focus is the potential fall-out from rationing of natural gas in Europe, as well as the implications of persistently elevated inflation expectations and policy rates.

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Stagflation! We reveal EMs most vulnerable to nasty supply shock legacies

with Gabriel Sterne and Lucila Bonilla | Online | May 12, 2022

The great moderation of previous decades has given way to a period of ghastly aggravation. The key drivers of good times were good policy, good luck and structural change. Now things have reversed, and we reveal those EMs most at risk of longer term macro-instability, based on the views of our country economists and a simple scoring system based on key performance-metrics.

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High conviction global strategy calls for 2022

with Javier Corominas, Daniel Grosvenor and Regis Chatellier | Online | December 15, 2021

In our final webinar for the year, our strategists Javier Corominas, Daniel Grosvenor and Regis Chatellier will discuss our highest conviction calls across bonds, currencies and equities, both in DM and EM markets. 2021 has proved to be a year of twists and turns, as we moved from early to mid-cycle, reflation to stagflation concerns, amid ever present Covid-19 risks. We expect 2022 to bring challenges and increased opportunities for investors as policy differentiation takes hold and economic performance varies across markets, geographies and thus asset classes.

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