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Navigating supply chain decoupling – prioritizing opportunities with OE’s Market Compass tool

with Alex Mackle and Martina Bozadzhieva | Online | May 30, 2024

As companies de-risk their supply chains, many are looking at ways to reduce their dependence on China, and to create more flexible, regionalized supply chain structures. In this webinar, we look at the latest trends in supply chain restructuring and introduce OE's Market Compass tool. The tool allows companies to compare countries as manufacturing investment destinations using OE's proprietary data and forecasts. We'll explore how different countries compare in our global ranking and how companies can take a data-driven approach to evaluating manufacturing localization options.

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Global Cities: Identifying opportunities amid long-term challenges

with Anthony Bernard-Sasges and George Bowen | Online | December 6, 2023

The established world order of urban economic power is evolving and by 2050 there will be sizeable shifts. Many mature economic powerhouses in the developed world are facing demographic timebombs and are likely to fall down the global rankings as a result. Replacing them, in scale though not prosperity, will be cities in emerging markets, though these cities aren’t without risk and many face a plethora of challenges. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the key long-term trends, challenges and opportunities facing city economies.

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Global EM Key themes for 2024 – disinflation prevails

with Gabriel Sterne and Sergi Lanau | Online | December 5, 2023

Global economic travails will present a challenge for EMs next year, but we see EM disinflation progressing more smoothly than 2023. Covid and other legacies will still trouble several EMs; we outline our biggest concerns and where we see the greatest opportunities.

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Global: Key themes 2024 – Few opportunities in a gloomy landscape

with Ben May and Kiki Sondh | Online | December 1, 2023

Global GDP growth and inflation will slow in 2024 and central banks will begin to pivot in H2 – at least that seems to be the broad agreement among markets, policymakers, and forecasters. For the most part, we concur and have identified three key themes that we think will be key to the precise path that economies and financial markets take next year: Risks to the consensus growth view are skewed to the downside. Inflation trends will diverge more. Despite the gloom, some bright spots will emerge In this webinar we explore these three key themes in more detail

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Consumer Outlook – Risks & Opportunities 2023/2024

with Florent Guillarme and Graeme Harrison | Online | June 27, 2023

In 2020, Covid triggered a shock to global consumer spending like we’ve only seen in war times. However, it also created conditions for a rebound through a saving cushion for households, even more for the wealthiest. So despite unprecedented inflation from 2022, particularly rising prices for non-discretionary items like energy and food, followed by unprecedented monetary tightening & raising rates, consumer spending in nominal terms (much less so in real or volume terms) has proved surprisingly resilient globally thanks to savings, strong GDP and nominal earnings, but also resilient stock markets, labour markets and wealth underpinned by the travel recovery too, but for how long and what are the Consumer turbulences to come ahead? The webinar will explore how Consumers will react from now, to the end of monetary tightening, with GDP and inflation weakening in Europe, the US and China and the with the effect of recent developments starting to bite more. It will cover the macro context (GDP, income, savings, earnings, inflation, labour market, interest rates and credit, confidence and government policy), including macro factors more relevant to the luxury sector (e.g. wealth and asset prices) and how different socio-economic groups are affected. It will also go into a deeper dive into the consumer sector (aggregate and a breakdown of consumer spend and retail sales in volume and value terms and into different goods and services products), trends in online vs in-store spending, the recovery in tourism spending and trends in income and price elasticity.

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Strategy Themes and Trade Ideas for 2023

with Javier Corominas, Daniel Grosvenor and Regis Chatellier | Online | December 7, 2022

2022 has proved to be an eye-watering year, laden with geo-political tensions, a global equity bear market, the fastest pace of policy tightening for a generation and with question marks raised over traditional asset allocation approaches, especially 60/40. We expect 2023 to bring challenges and increased opportunities for investors as recession sets in and economic performance varies across markets, geographies and thus asset classes.

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