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Natural gas prices hit record high – what next?

with Kiran Ahmed, Stephen Hare and Toby Whittington | Online | September 21, 2022

Gas prices have hit new records in recent weeks as supply of Russian gas to Europe has been curtailed. We examine our baseline assumptions underpinning our price forecast and the implications for other commodity prices against the backdrop of an already weak macroeconomic environment.

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Reeling European energy markets raise risks of industrial recession

with Abby Samp and Max Anderson | Online | September 14, 2022

Global industrial output is expected to slow in 2023 against a backdrop of growing economic headwinds and a rotation in spending away from spending on goods and towards services. An inventory build-up – albeit from a low level – poses a further risk to industrial production if demand falls more than expected, and the energy squeeze in Europe will put pressure on industrial output there. Join Abby Samp and Max Anderson as they discuss the latest update to Oxford Economics’ Global Industry Forecast.

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US macro, industries, and metro outlook – Challenges mount but recession hasn’t arrived

with Oren Klachkin and Ahmed Abdelmeguid | Online | August 11, 2022

The recovery’s best days are clearly in the rear-view mirror as the economy confronts persistently hot inflation, tighter financial conditions, ongoing supply chain stress, downbeat sentiment and softening spending. US industrial growth has slowed in the face of these challenges and services are not immune from these headwinds. Odds of a recession are rising, but there is still a pathway to a soft landing. Tune in to this webinar to learn where the US economy is headed through the rest of 2022 and into 2023 – with a focus on the path forward for industries.

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Global construction sector continuing to rebound in 2022

with Nicholas Fearnley | Online | February 8, 2022

Globally, the value of Construction Work Done is continuing to rebound following the Covid disruption, supported by government stimulus which is being targeted in different ways across different countries. The outbreak of the omicron variant and the Evergrande default, however, weigh over the near-term outlook. In this webinar we present our key findings of the distribution and outlook of construction activity across sectors and countries. We will also discuss our plans for the service, including further developments that will be launched over the coming year.

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