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Rising US economy not lifting all boats

with Barbara Denham and Bernard Yaros | Online | April 24, 2024

The US economy is doing well because of the strength of the labour market, past easing in financial market conditions and solid household and non-financial corporate balance sheets. Some of these supports will fade through the remainder of this year and the Federal Reserve could wait too long to begin normalizing monetary policy. The supply side of the economy is key to the outlook. Business formations will likely soften, and immigration will provide less support to labour force growth. Tune in to this webinar to learn more about the economy’s prospects, along with a focus on how metro areas differ in the labour market and immigration as a rising US economy hasn’t lifted all boats evenly.

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How a global soft landing is (almost) in view

with Ben May and Adam Slater | Online | March 19, 2024

We examine how the global economy has confounded most expectations over the last year with inflation falling back towards target without large output losses. We consider key factors behind this including developments in labour markets, financial stresses, energy prices and fiscal policies. We also look at lingering ‘hard landing’ risks and in which geographies they are most prominent.

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L’anno che verrà: prospettive economiche per il 2024

with Nicola Nobile and Paolo Grignani | Online | January 23, 2024

Quali prospettive per l’economia globale ed europea in questo nuovo anno? La disinflazione proseguirà innescando rapidamente un allentamento monetario, o la solidità dei mercati del lavoro continuerà a mettere pressioni sui salari spingendo le banche centrali a mantenere i tassi elevati? Il deterioramento delle dinamiche di crescita in corso anticipa una recessione più marcata o si tratta solamente di un soft landing?

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US Key Themes for 2024

with Innes McFee and Michael Pearce | Online | December 4, 2023

Our final US webinar of the year looks at what we can expect to see in 2024. We expect a material slowdown in the US economy in the next couple of quarters to give way to a modest acceleration in GDP growth in H2. Inflation will continue to fall but at a much more gradual pace than in 2023 driven by a gradual loosening of labor market conditions, prompting the Fed to start easing policy towards the end of the year. Beyond these headlines three themes will be key to shaping the economy in 2024: fiscal policy as a key driver of the outlook; credit and political uncertainty; and the economy will remain highly desynchronized.

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Consumer Outlook – Risks & Opportunities 2023/2024

with Florent Guillarme and Graeme Harrison | Online | June 27, 2023

In 2020, Covid triggered a shock to global consumer spending like we’ve only seen in war times. However, it also created conditions for a rebound through a saving cushion for households, even more for the wealthiest. So despite unprecedented inflation from 2022, particularly rising prices for non-discretionary items like energy and food, followed by unprecedented monetary tightening & raising rates, consumer spending in nominal terms (much less so in real or volume terms) has proved surprisingly resilient globally thanks to savings, strong GDP and nominal earnings, but also resilient stock markets, labour markets and wealth underpinned by the travel recovery too, but for how long and what are the Consumer turbulences to come ahead? The webinar will explore how Consumers will react from now, to the end of monetary tightening, with GDP and inflation weakening in Europe, the US and China and the with the effect of recent developments starting to bite more. It will cover the macro context (GDP, income, savings, earnings, inflation, labour market, interest rates and credit, confidence and government policy), including macro factors more relevant to the luxury sector (e.g. wealth and asset prices) and how different socio-economic groups are affected. It will also go into a deeper dive into the consumer sector (aggregate and a breakdown of consumer spend and retail sales in volume and value terms and into different goods and services products), trends in online vs in-store spending, the recovery in tourism spending and trends in income and price elasticity.

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The short-term outlook for the world’s largest cities

with Aedan McCotter, Anthony Light, Dmitriy Gruzinov and Scott McEwan | Online | April 13, 2023

The economic outlook for 2023 is a little brighter than it was at the start of the year, although recent developments in the banking sector add to downside risks. And labour markets in many major cities are set for a tough year with jobs growth slowing. Following the publication of our latest city forecasts, in this webinar we will discuss the short term employment outlook for major cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

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