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Asia’s medium term growth outlook and its implications for major cities

with Arup Raha and Scott McEwan | Online | February 28, 2024

Over the next five years, economic growth across Asia is likely to diverge especially with two of the giants moving in opposite directions; China slowing and India starting to realise its potential. This has implications for how the cities in these two countries are likely to expand. Major cities in southeast Asia area expected to perform relatively well but there are contrasting fortunes elsewhere. For example, in advanced Asia, the major cities of Australia should exhibit an impressive rate of jobs growth. Our expectations for the likes of Melbourne and Perth contrasts starkly with major East Asian cities in Japan and South Korea, where the pressures of ageing populations is dragging on the potential for growth in output and jobs. We present both a top-down medium-term macro outlook and tie that to how major cities in Asia are likely to develop over the next 5 years.

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Japan Key themes 2023: BoJ finally out of woods?

with Shigeto Nagai | Online | December 13, 2022

Will global inflation finally end the long-term deflationary trend in Japan? Would this enable the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to start adjusting its Yield Curve Control policy in 2023? In this webinar we will answer these questions by examining four interrelated themes. Are firms regaining pricing power? Is a price-wage spiral about to start? What is the yen forecast in 2023? Will the new BoJ governor make a difference?

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Asian monetary policy and FX outlook amid aggressive Fed tightening

Online | August 18, 2022

There are several large shocks currently affecting Asian economies: a hawkish Fed; sluggish Chinese growth; and high energy prices. To this add a US dollar that is stronger than it has been in about 20 years. How are Asian economies likely to navigate these turbulent times? Our economists will focus on the likely direction of monetary policy in Asian and the consequent path of key financial variables in the region.

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Asia: What do rising inflation pressures mean for growth

with Priyanka Kishore and Tommy Wu | Online | May 6, 2022

Asia’s inflation troubles have increased with rising import prices adding on to upside pressures from domestic sources. We forecast consumer inflation to keep rising into Q3 but remain within manageable levels. Risks to our inflation view are to the upside.

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What can alternative data tell us about relative economic performance?

Online | September 29, 2021

Topic: The speed with which the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global economy forced economists to supplement their ‘traditional’ data sources with unconventional indicators. By tracking mobility data, stringency of restrictions indices and health outcomes and their relationship with GDP, employment and other key outcomes, we can now see in near-real time the economic fallout of the pandemic. The emergence of the Delta variant has made this intelligence invaluable. Asian countries with low tolerance levels for COVID are seeing growth momentum soften (and even reverse, in the case of Australia and New Zealand), while high vaccination rates have enabled an easing of restrictions in Europe and North America. In this webinar our Chief Economist, Dr Sarah Hunter and the Regional Manager for Macrobond Ian Hissey will discuss what we’ve learnt about the impact of COVID and restrictions on national economies over the last 18 months, what the alternative indicators tell us about current economic conditions, and how the recovery may evolve from here. Please note that we will be holding one webinar each for Americas, APAC and EMEA friendly time zones: APAC - Wednesday 29th September| 13:00 AEST EMEA - Thursday 30th September | 10:00 BST Americas - Thursday 30th September| 16:00 EST

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