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UK Macro – Where now for the MPC?

with Andrew Goodwin and Edward Allenby | Online | February 6, 2023

With inflation having past its peak and growing evidence that the labour market is beginning to loosen, the BoE is getting close to the end of its hiking cycle. In this webinar we react to the February MPC meeting and discuss how it has impacted on our interest rate forecasts.

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US: 2023 Key Themes – Will the landing be hard or soft?

with Ryan Sweet and Oren Klachkin | Online | January 11, 2023

The US economy will need a lot of luck to avoid a mild recession this year because the headwinds are about to intensify. Historically, in bouts of high inflation and a weakening economy, the Fed has been slow to ease monetary policy. Therefore, we don’t anticipate the Fed cutting interest rates anytime soon and though there is a path to a soft landing, it’s narrow.

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Commodities 2023 key themes: Political uncertainty to keep markets volatile

with Kiran Ahmed, Stephen Hare, Toby Whittington and Diego Cacciapuoti | Online | December 16, 2022

Uncertainties around both supply and demand, driven to a large extent by politics rather than economics have been a key feature of commodity markets this year – sanctions on Russia, Moscow’s response and China’s Covid policy, to name but a few. At the same time, central banks are ratcheting up interest rates, depressing demand. We explore the outlook for commodity prices amid this high level of uncertainty and discuss the risks to our baseline.

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Raw materials, wages, and the US construction outlook

with Abby Samp, Barbara Denham and Stephen Hare | Online | December 5, 2022

Rising commodity prices, wages, and interest rates are all expected to weigh on the US construction outlook through the course of 2023. Join Stephen Hare, Barbara Denham, and Abby Samp as they discuss these factors impacting US construction, including a look at the sub-national outlook.

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Key themes for 2023 in Latin America

with Marcos Casarin, Felipe Camargo, Joan Domene and Debora Reyna | Online | November 28, 2022

We expect Latin American economies will be among the first to cut interest rates next year, but we also see the region falling into a shallow recession early in 2023. These, alongside the expectation that fiscal policy will feature more prominently in the debate, are amongst the key themes we believe will shape next year's economic outlook for Latin America.

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UK Outlook: Where does the MPC go from here?

with Andrew Goodwin | Online | June 21, 2022

Inflation is on course to top 10% in October when the energy price cap rises again, and consumers face the biggest fall in real incomes for 80 years. Despite strong pushback from the MPC, markets expect the Committee to ultimately prove more concerned about high inflation than potential recession, and price a series of rate hikes through the rest of this year. In this webinar we will look at the main messages from June’s MPC meeting and assess what they mean for the future path of interest rates.

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