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A health-check on China’s real estate and construction industries: Are we still on life support?

with Louise Loo, Nicholas Fearnley and April Skinner | Online | April 2, 2024

China’s property downturn continues to weigh on the outlook. Can we be hopeful that the economy will successfully decouple from its old property-led growth model? How much of an offset can state-led construction provide as authorities look to prop the economy up? Join us in a discussion between Louise Loo our China Macro-economist and April Skinner our China Construction economist, as we address some of the FAQs around China’s housing and construction sectors and take a pulse-check on property’s multi-year correction process. Key talking points: How far does China’s real estate downturn have to go? What are the longer term implications for building construction? How much can state-led infrastructure projects prop up the economy? Will the “New Three" Industries keep the economy afloat? Supply chain risks and what this means for costs and construction.

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China: Will the ‘New Three’ industries prove an economic game-changer?

with Louise Loo | Online | February 2, 2024

A step-up in decarbonisation efforts has boosted growth in the new industries of electric vehicles, batteries, and renewables in China. To what extent are these proving to be the economy's new growth drivers? What can authorities do about the risk of overcapacity? Can these industries offset the macro drag from a shrinking housing sector?

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Canada Economic Outlook: Economy stalls as hard landing inexorably grinds nearer

with Tony Stillo and Callee Davis | Online | October 5, 2023

Canada's economy has now likely fallen into the recession that we have long been expecting. Growth stalled in two of the last three quarters and momentum entering Q3 was weak. Key imbalances – highly indebted households and overvalued house prices – can't evade the coming full impact of the Bank of Canada's aggressive hike in the policy rate. An imminent consumer pullback, combined with a deepening housing correction, will finally push the economy into recession.

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Canada Economic Podcast – March 2023

with Tony Stillo and Michael Davenport | Online | March 9, 2023

Canada’s housing market is in the midst of an historic correction. Home prices are already down about 15% from early 2022 highs and home sales have plummeted by more than 40%. With mortgage rates now peaking, the question on everyone’s mind is – How much longer will the housing downturn continue? In this podcast, Tony Stillo, Director of Economics for Canada, and fellow Economist, Michael Davenport discuss the outlook for Canada’s housing market and why they believe the correction in housing hasn’t yet run its full course.

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Key Themes for Canada in 2023: A year in recession

with Tony Stillo and Michael Davenport | Online | January 26, 2023

Canada has likely just entered a moderate recession that will last for much of 2023. Prevailing household debt and housing imbalances will mix with pandemic and geopolitical forces to make Canada's recession deeper than most advanced economies. We expect GDP will contract by 1.3% in 2023, well-below consensus expectations, with six key themes featuring prominently.

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