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Global industry forecast update: Momentum is building

with Jeremy Leonard and Nico Palesch | Online | June 13, 2024

After two years of relatively sluggish activity we see signs that the worst has passed for global industry. Join our global industry team to get the latest on why we think the turnaround is imminent and in which regions and sectors it will be most keenly felt. Major themes include Europe, which has dug itself into a deep hole with respect to manufacturing activity over the past year, and why we think it on the verge of turning the corner back to growth and how US industry is expected to cope in and after what is expected to be a closely-fought and volatile election year. In the Asia-Pacific region we will discuss how Japan is dealing with the aftermath of the Daihatsu production line scandal that seriously dented Q1 industrial output and the extent to which China can continue relying on manufacturing sector output to boost overall growth amidst a volatile global environment, the threat of tariffs, and persistent worries around overcapacity.

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Industrial outlook remains gloomy for now

with Nico Palesch and Sean Metcalfe | Online | September 14, 2023

High-frequency indicators show that economic activity is weakening through the second half of 2023, and that industry is performing worse than the broader economy. The impact of past policy tightening and the reduced availability of credit is dampening activity and contributing to a deteriorating near-term outlook for investment spending, which is disproportionately impacting manufacturing and other investment-facing sectors of the economy. While supply chains have normalised to a large degree, which is contributing to easing inflation and recovering production in backlog-affected sectors, headwinds to industrial activity are shifting partly from the supply to the demand side. Nonetheless, there are good reasons to expect a relatively shallow downturn in industrial activity as opposed to a total collapse. In this webinar, we will provide a comprehensive update of the global industrial outlook and account for the divergent fortunes across the different sectors that make up the economy.

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A global industrial recession – led by Europe

with Jeremy Leonard and Nico Palesch | Online | December 14, 2022

The Global Industry Team will present the results of its quarterly forecast update, which will provide an overview and the highlights of updated projections for industries in all 77 countries covered by the Global Industry Service. Key topics include the trajectory and drivers of global and national industrial production during the economic weakness expected in Q4 2022 and H1 2023, the sectors most impacted, and the prospects for recovery in the short-, medium-, and long-run.

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Gas crisis threatens industries in Europe

with Sean Metcalfe and Nico Palesch | Online | November 8, 2022

Skyrocketing gas prices in Europe are expected to weigh on economic activity across the region this winter. Join Sean Metcalfe and Nico Palesch as they explore European vulnerabilities from a sectoral perspective using a series of industry-level energy indicators that have recently been added to the Global Industry Service.

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