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How to manage sustainability risks over time

with Jake Kuyer and Carina Manitius | Online | November 2, 2023

Economic forecasting and scenario analysis across countries and sectors are critical to developing a future proof strategy for your business. Drawing on our team of 350+ full-time economists we can project how a company’s economic profile, including value chains, might change over time, assessing the exposure to risk, such as physical & transitional risks associated with climate change, and stress test macroeconomic & socio-political events. In this webinar we will demonstrate how Oxford Economics uses economics and our suite of global, transparent models to help companies manage their direct and indirect impact and dependence on each element of sustainability not just for today, but by taking a forward looking view, to address the challenges of an uncertain future.

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Using alternative data in macro forecasting and research

with Innes McFee and Tomas Dvorak | Online | October 26, 2023

Alternative data are a promising area of economic forecasting and analysis. Novel indicators such as mobility, electricity consumption, internet searches, or proprietary sentiment indices allow us to track economic developments and trends with a much shorter lag, at much higher frequency, and often on a much more granular scale than when relying on standard aggregate macro data. In this webinar, we assess the use of alternative data in macroeconomic forecasting and research, including common pitfalls, appropriate methods and best practices based on our continued use of alternative data at Oxford Economics. We also demonstrate the existing uses of alternative data in different lines of work at Oxford Economics.

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Is city travel recovery a return to pre-pandemic norms?

with Dave Goodger, Kieran Ferran and Emma Laverty | Online | October 3, 2023

City tourism recovery continues and our latest forecast update suggests that 2023 will be the year when many markets will regain 2019 levels in terms of total arrivals (international and domestic) with many more on the cusp of a recovery. But the balance of travel segments has changed, and recovery in some international and long-haul segments will take longer for many cities. We will discuss the latest trends in this session as well as the reasons why recovery to date may differ from prior expectations. Any problems associated with over tourism will also be discussed as we reach previous pre-pandemic peaks.

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Rising in the East: how global industry is shifting towards Asia Pacific?

with Andy Logan, Jeremy Leonard and Emily Gladstone | Online | March 9, 2022

Global industrial production is forecast to shift towards Asia Pacific over the next couple of decades. But the speed of that transformation is predicted to vary across industrial sectors. The webinar will examine the drivers behind this trend and investigate the extent to which this is due to production shrinking in Europe and North America, or just faster growth in the Asia Pacific region.

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