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Nordic outlook: Tighter monetary policy will weigh on activity

with Daniel Kral, Rory Fennessy, Lawrence Harper-Scott and Nico Palesch | Online | October 20, 2023

The Nordic economies face a difficult near-term outlook as weak demand and tight financial conditions weigh on activity. Although headline inflation is on its way down, core inflation is proving more stubborn with central banks sticking to a hawkish stance. In this webinar, we will present our macro, cities, and industry outlook and also deep-dive into the extraordinary rise of Denmark’s pharmaceutical industry and the persistent weakness of Sweden’s krona.

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Ripe for a correction

with Daniel Grosvenor and Javier Corominas | Online | September 12, 2023

In our first webinar after the summer recess, our Director of Global Macro Strategy Javier Corominas and Director of Equity Strategy Daniel Grosvenor outline why they think the recent equity market correction will continue and why it is now time to add duration to portfolios. The latest update of our Cross Asset framework indicators supports defensive allocations. Investor sentiment has become overly optimistic and risk assets look vulnerable to tighter financial conditions and a deteriorating global credit impulse which we think will contribute to a sustained period of weak global economic growth. We think DM bonds are increasingly attractive in this environment following the recent rise in long-end yields.

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The worst is likely over, but growth will be subdued

with Daniel Kral, Rory Fennessy, Lawrence Harper-Scott and Nico Palesch | Online | April 28, 2023

The Nordic economies are particularly exposed to high inflation and rising rates, given the high indebtedness of their private sectors and prevalence of variable rate loans. Activity has so far surprised on the upside in early 2023, but tight financial conditions and depressed real incomes will weigh on growth later this year and into 2024. In this webinar, we will address the main drivers of the near-term outlook, namely the impact of inflation and monetary policy tightening on the real economy and the banking sectors, as well as our view on Nordic industry, commercial real estate and cities performance.

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Banking sector stress increases the risk of a hard landing

with Oren Klachkin and Ryan Sweet | Online | April 12, 2023

Any hope of a soft landing has been squashed by the recent spike in banking sector stress, increasing our conviction that the US economy will suffer a mild recession. The worst of the damage will come in the second half of the year as high inflation, tight Fed policy, and tighter financial conditions drag down activity. Tune in to our quarterly outlook webinar to find out how severe the damage will be.

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