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Finding solutions to the environmental emergency: where politics meets economics

with James Lambert, Jake Kuyer and Caroline Franklin | Online | December 13, 2022

The health of the planet has been at the top of the global political and business agenda in recent weeks with COP27 last month and the parallel COP15 on biodiversity. In the past year, extreme weather events including, hurricanes and wildfires have had a devastating impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. Governments, companies, and investors are aware of the risks of global warming but COP-27 climate summit served as a reminder of how complex it is for stakeholders to agree on a solution, and on their role within it.

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Climate change: The big hairy audacious problem… with the big hairy questions

with Felicity Hannon, Jake Kuyer, Bethan Jewsbury, Richard Holt and Adrian Cooper | Online | October 26, 2022

Climate change is here. And (almost) everyone accepts that urgent and transformational action is necessary by policymakers and organisations to understand and mitigate its impact. But it’s a larger, broader and more complex challenge than any other we’ve faced in modern times, and many organisations are struggling to decide where to start, let alone what to do. There are definitely more questions than answers. We have brought together experts from across Oxford Economics to discuss some of the questions they have been asked recently.

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Global Climate Service: Pathways to a fair transition

with Felicity Hannon, David Winter and Beatrice Tanjangco | Online | October 18, 2022

Climate-related disasters continue to break records and disproportionately impact developing economies. Looking ahead to COP 27 in November, the issues of justice and fairness in the climate transition will be key discussion points. In light of this, Oxford Economics’ Global Climate Service explores a new scenario, Sustainable Development, in which advanced economies and large emitters (e.g., China) take the lead in climate mitigation. The remaining countries wind down their emissions more gradually, while still benefiting from technological spill overs that ensure widespread improvements in energy access, mix, and electrification. These pathways provide developing economies with the leeway to pursue their development agenda without compromising growth or the global transition.

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