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Global Climate Service: Divergent policies & the cost of uncoordinated action

with David Winter, Sean Metcalfe and Felicity Hannon | Online | April 20, 2023

This quarter our new scenario – Divergent Net Zero – demonstrates the cost of uncoordinated policy action. Divergence in mitigation policy across sectors results in a higher burden on consumers relative to industry. In this webinar we present detailed results at the macro and industry level, leveraging our new Industry Climate Service, which quantifies the impacts of climate scenarios on economic activity and energy consumption at the industry level.

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The sectoral implications of climate change

with Abby Samp and Sean Metcalfe | Online | March 2, 2023

Which sectors will gain and which will lose out in a net zero transition scenario? How will the phasing out of fossil fuels and the expansion of renewable electricity impact manufacturing supply chains? What will the composition of energy usage within the transport sector look like in 2050? Our new Climate Industry Service, which assesses the sectoral impacts of five climate scenarios against a stated policies baseline, addresses these pertinent questions pertaining to the energy transition. In this Webinar, we will discuss the major sector-level insights that emerge from the latest set of scenarios.

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Global Climate Service: Climate Catastrophe

with Felicity Hannon and David Winter | Online | January 25, 2023

The Global Climate Service quantifies the macroeconomic impacts of five climate scenarios against a stated policies baseline. These scenarios help businesses understand the trade-offs and implications of climate mitigation. This quarter our new scenario – Climate Catastrophe – underscores the costs of climate inaction. It models a high-emissions pathway by which global warming, temperature volatility and more frequent extreme heat events cause severe physical damages that accelerate over time.

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