The sovereign crises wave has broken, so has the resolution toolkit

The biggest wave of sovereign crises since the 1980s could be the most intractable ever, being caught in a geopolitical trap in which China and the Western-dominated IMF each have valid criticisms of the other’s deeply entrenched approach to resolution. We assess causes and prospects.

Gabriel Sterne

Head of Global Emerging Markets

Private: Gabriel Sterne

Head of Global Emerging Markets

London, United Kingdom

Gabriel delivers macro-economic products tailored for corporates and financial markets, as head of a team that integrates EM macro and strategy views.  In recent years he has published wide-ranging research including on stagflation risks, monetary policy credibility, global savings, demographics, Covid scarring, risks and resilience in emerging markets, and sovereign crisis resolution. He joined from investment banking boutique Exotix in May 2014, following 20 years of public sector experience, including at the Bank of England and International Monetary Fund.

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