Japan Key themes 2023: BoJ finally out of woods?

Will global inflation finally end the long-term deflationary trend in Japan? Would this enable the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to start adjusting its Yield Curve Control policy in 2023? In this webinar we will answer these questions by examining four interrelated themes. Are firms regaining pricing power? Is a price-wage spiral about to start? What is the yen forecast in 2023? Will the new BoJ governor make a difference?

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Shigeto Nagai

Head of Japan Economics

+81 (0) 3 4588 2797


Shigeto Nagai

Head of Japan Economics

Tokyo, Japan

As the head of Oxford’s Asia office, Shigeto helps the firm’s clients understand key macro-economic developments and trends worldwide, and their implications in Japan and across Asia, through written research, meetings and conferences. As a senior member of Oxford’s worldwide economist team, he leads the firm’s Japan research. Shigeto joined Oxford in 2017 from the Bank of Japan, where he was previously Director-General of the BoJ’s International Department, contributing to the BoJ’s official views on the global economy at its Monetary Policy Meetings, as well as leading the BoJ’s liaison with other institutions across the world, including the governments and central banks of key economies and international financial institutions.

Shigeto’s career at the BoJ included senior positions as General Manager for Europe, Associate Director-General in the Monetary Affairs Department, and Director and Head of Global Research. In addition to his expertise in global research, he also has extensive experience in foreign reserve management and central bank cooperation in Asia. He was seconded to the IMF in Washington DC from 1993 to 1996 as a member of the Fund’s economics staff. Shigeto holds an MA in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in the United States and a BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo.

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