Africa watchlist for 2021

This year’s overriding macroeconomic theme will be one of uneven recovery. While somewhat synchronised, the rate and extent of recovery will vary considerably, both across and within regions. Our first webinar of the year identifies the key factors that will be driving these divergences across the African continent, also highlighting some potential wildcard developments that should be on every Africa analyst’s watchlist. We look at why Covid-19 will remain a concern throughout 2021, discuss whether the commencement of AfCFTA will have any significance, and show how the continent’s growth hotspot is moving west. We also unpack the likelihood of political upheaval in Nigeria – the continent’s largest economy and most populous nation – and identify a few contenders for Africa’s next major debt default.

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Jacques Nel| Head: Africa Macro

Jacques is the Head of Africa Macro at NKC African Economics. He manages the company’s macroeconomic subscription services and has been the lead analyst for a number of African countries.


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