Monitoring the impact of fiscal policy changes

Oxford Economics advises both Ministries of Finance and blue-chip companies on a range of fiscal policy issues.Our suite of impact and scenario models gives us a rigorous foundation on which to build this analysis, by addressing such issues as:

  • How will changes in excise or other taxes impact your company or the government's management of the economy as a whole?
  • How can your industry prepare its case to government on proposed tax reform?
  • Under what policy regime can government maximise its return from energy or other investment projects?
  • What is the impact of government investment projects?
  • Key issues explored in our modelling and related public policy work include:
    • The impact of taxation regimes — how the tax system affectS industry and government and how an optimal regime can be shaped to the advantage of both.
    • Fiscal policy issues — how changes to government policy in general, and fiscal policy in particular, impact the economy, public finances, and households.
    • Investment impacts — how government investment can provide returns to both the economy and society in general.