The Market for Public Services: International comparisons

Client: BERR

This report was developed to inform a review of the public services industry in the UK, through the use of international comparisons. The analysis reviewed the amount governments spent on procurement for different purposes, based primarily on an analysis of public expenditure in each country. It then estimated how much of the procurement spending for a particular purpose was spent on services rather than goods.

This allowed for comparisons between the pattern of public service expenditure in the UK and the other countries under examination.


An Alternative Air Passenger Duty Regime

Client: A consortium of US airlines

This research project explored possible alternatives to the current structure of Air Passenger Duty in the UK for a consortium of US airlines. The research outlined a range of possible revenue neutral alternative regimes that were less discriminatory against long-haul travel than HM Treasury’s proposals.

Oxford Economics worked with the consortium to present the findings of the research to MPs, media and HM Treasury as part of a wider consultation on Air Passenger Duty.