Transforming research to meet the needs of a changing world

by Ben Wright

Thought leadership at Oxford Economics is always looking toward the future—from what it entails, to what it means, and how best to communicate those findings. That’s why I’m excited to announce the release of a new research report produced in conjunction with State Street that combines those specialties.

Official Institutions: Transforming to Meet the Needs of a New World takes the results of a survey of 102 official institutions worldwide (half are sovereign banks, while a quarter are sovereign wealth funds and government pension funds, respectively) to find out their views on the investment environment, and how they plan to change their operations over the next three years.


Click to see the interactive infographic from this research report

These are uncertain times, and our research singled out a leading group of institutions—we call them NIMBLE—that are at the front of the pack when it comes to organizational agility. These institutions are making significant changes to their organization’s investment risk management, technology, and talent to keep up in these turbulent times.

You can read a detailed analysis of these NIMBLE institutions in the white paper, and the implications for the different types of surveyed official institutions—or you can check out an interactive snapshot of our analysis in this interactive infographic we produced.

It’s a great way to tell this complex story relatively simply—and it looks pretty good too. The future for both official institutions and storytelling is a little murky. Luckily our research and narrative tools help us lead the way.

Ben Wright supports global research studies for the Thought Leadership group. He has developed and supported projects on subjects including cloud computing, workforce development, risk management, and the future of money.