HR needs mobile access—just like everyone else

by Adrianna Gregory

PwC HR Tech coverOur research on human resources is some of the tech practice’s favorite stuff. As Ed (our deputy director of Thought Leadership) likes to say, “It’s interesting because it’s about me.” I tend to agree—as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, improving the way we work is often as important as the work itself.

Maybe that’s one reason we found the nitty-gritty operational details of PwC's HR Technology study so fascinating. Based on a big annual survey of executives, the research uncovers trends driving processes and performance of the HR function. This year, the big story was cloud. Survey results show that the transition away from on-premise technology is happening fast: 44% have core HR in the cloud, up from 23% in 2014. Another third plan to be there by 2018.

Demand for constant connectivity is a top driver of this shift. One-third of executives surveyed cite mobile access to processes as a primary driver of SaaS adoption, and many want the option to review and approve employee information and access talent dashboards and other analytical tools even when they are away from their desks.

Like Ed, I can’t help but think of what this means for me as an employee. I may spend the majority of my working hours at our office in lower Manhattan, but having remote access to everything I need makes getting my job done well—and with less stress—much easier.  As HR functions adopt new cloud-based tools for its own processes, mobile access to all systems and processes is bound to expand for other employees, too. 

This is just one slice of the data from this year’s HR Technology study. You can download the full report here, or check out the research and a data-visualization tool on PwC’s site.

Adrianna Gregory is the Associate Editor for Technology at Oxford Economics.