Growing pains in the cloud

by Edward Cone

The early days of inflated expectations have given way to the reality of the hard work of implementation and day-to-day execution needed to realize the big payoffs promised.

One of my favorite recent projects was a refresh of an older an SAP program about cloud adoption, strategy, and payoff. What I like about it is that it feels real – big shifts in technology and business are not easy, and our work shows some of the growing pains companies are experiencing along the way.

It’s the Gartner Hype Cycle in action, as we spell out in our paper and explain in the video below.

We’re still very bullish on the cloud. The data tells we should be – but it also tells us to be realistic.

Edward Cone heads the technology practice and is Deputy Director of Thought Leadership at Oxford Economics. He runs research programs on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, open source software, and other tech topics, and also specializes in health care and talent trends.