Don’t miss our webinar on precision medicine

by Adrianna Gregory

Healthcare Gets PersonalPrecision medicine has become an even bigger part of the conversation around healthcare reform in the few months since we released our paper on the topic. More and more physicians are looking to this model of individualized care to improve patient outcomes, serve a broader population, treat rare illnesses—and increase efficiency at the same time.

Join our webinar on October 27 at 1 pm Eastern to discuss the results of our survey of 120 healthcare professionals in Europe and North America. We’ll talk about the measurable effects of personalized medicine on patient outcomes to date, as well as the role of Big Data, culture, and governance in the transition to this new model of care.


Register here to attend this free event. In the meantime, check out our reports, infographics, and fact sheets.

Adrianna Gregory is Associate Editor at Oxford Economics. She worked on the Healthcare Gets Personal program with Deputy Director of Thought Leadership Edward Cone.