This study explores how Airbus’ operations, and the complex, international supply chains on which it depends, affect the UK economy. We estimate Airbus supported a £7.8 billion gross value added contribution to UK GDP in 2015. The Company’s operations and supply chain supported 117,400 jobs in the UK, of which nearly 15,000 were at Airbus itself. Finally, we estimate Airbus’ operations raised more than £1.7 billion in tax revenues in 2015.

Airbus’ impact reaches all parts of the UK. It operates facilities in nine of the UK’s nations and regions, and makes purchases from a wide range of businesses throughout the country. However, the Company’s impact is not evenly distributed across the country.  The extent of Airbus’ impact in each region reflects the size of its operations there and the value of its procurement from firms in the region.

Wales is home to key parts of Airbus’ worldwide operations and the Company is one of the nation’s largest employers. The 6,400 people employed at its Welsh sites meant 0.4 percent of all jobs in Wales were at one of Airbus’ facilities. A further 5,200 were supported along its Welsh supply chain and through wage consumption impacts.  It supported 17,500 jobs in the South West, including at its major site at Filton. It supported some 15,200 jobs in the South East, including at its sites in Portsmouth, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, and Surrey.  It supported 10,400 jobs in the East of England, including those at its sites in Stevenage.  


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