Global Talent 2021

Digital knowledge, agile thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, and global operating capabilities will be just some of the talent areas in high demand over the next decade. But these skills will be hard to find—even with 40m workers in the industrialised world now unemployed. Our study identifies the greatest talent surpluses and deficits across 46 countries, 18 industries and a range of occupations. This work analysed the likely future global supply and demand of global talent. Oxford developed a powerful toolset providing forecasts and rankings relating to the supply and demand of talent. Drawing on primary data from a survey of 353 global HR executives and secondary data from the public and private sectors, the talent databank and dashboards help firms plan their human capital strategies by showing where talent will be in deficit and in surplus over the next decade. By making the data available as a web-based databank and offering country dashboards, firms can easily compare talent trends and pinpoint trouble areas by location. To complement our economic modelling, the research included a survey of HR executives to assess future global talent needs and issues.