Destination Promotion: An Engine of Economic Development

How destination promotion drives economic development

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Key Findings:

Attracting Strategic Events

By securing meetings and conventions, DMOs attract the very prospects that economic development agencies target. Not only do these events create valuable exposure among business decision makers, they create direct opportunities for economic development agencies to deepen connections with attendees.

"Economic clusters and
conventions have
become synergistic"

Tom Clark
Metro Denver Economic
Development Corporation

Building Transport Networks

By developing the visitor economy, destination promotion supports transportation infrastructure, providing greater accessibility and supply logistics that are important in attracting invest-ment in other sectors.

"Air service is profoundly important to corporate investment and location decisions... This is one of tourism’s most significant contributions since the levels of air service at New Orleans far exceed what local demand could support.”

Stephen Moret
Louisiana Economic Development

Raising the Destination Profile

Destination promotion builds awareness, familiarity, and relationships in commercial, institutional and individual networks that are critical in attracting investment.

“We are learning a lot from Visit California by how they brand California and how to take their model and apply it to economic development.”

Brook Taylor
Deputy Director
Governor's Office of Business and
Economic Development (GO-Biz)

Raising the Quality of Life

Visitor spending helps support a broader and higher quality set of local amenities than an area could otherwise sustain. The cultural, entertainment, culinary, and retail attractions that visitors support make a place more attractive to investors.

“Traveler attractions are the same reason that CEOs choose a place.”

Jeff Malehorn
President & CEO, World Business Chicago


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